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Individual healthcare

Purchasing health insurance on your own may be a new experience for you, but we’re here to guide you. As the costs of health care continue to rise, having coverage will help protect you against costly bills if you get sick or injured. Having coverage will also give you peace of mind.

If you haven’t enrolled in a health insurance plan by February 15, 2015, you can only enroll in 2015 coverage if you have a qualifying life event. Otherwise, you will likely have to wait for the Open Enrollment Period for 2016 coverage. Open Enrollment Periods typically follow a yearly cycle.

The next Open Enrollment Period is November 15, 2015, through February 15, 2016. During this time you can enroll in the health insurance plan of your choice. For most people, this is the only time when you can enroll in or change your plan during the year, unless you have a qualifying life event. Ex. loss of coverage, birth, divorce, etc.

The plans posted on this site are for Highmark and UPMC only. Other carriers are available on request.

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