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Basic Concepts Financial Services, Inc. is a locally based, independent insurance agency specializing in group benefits and individual insurance products. Our firm holds exceptionally high standards and a commitment to partnering with our clients. It is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance and our team is committed to meeting those needs.

Client Centered

Life is a series of choices. Throughout your lifetime, you will make many isolated financial decisions about many areas of finance. In reality, the conditions that impact your financial position can shift abruptly and have a dramatic impact on many or all of the other areas of your life.

Evaluated on their own merits, those individual choices can appear to make good sense. But when viewed as part of a whole, the incongruities become apparent. Disconnected solutions often contradict each other and end up inhibiting the greater good of the whole.

Not only are these decisions often not properly coordinated, but the rational for these decisions is typically not based upon a financial model and strategy, but rather an endless flood of financial misinformation found in the media, financial institution publications and the do-it-yourself “how-to” books. In many cases, this “misinformation” is passed on from one generation to another with no true empirical basis or logic, yet it is accepted as “truth” due to its prevalence and repetitiveness.

Our mission is to educate and coach clients on how economics can measure and verify their financial decisions. We know that cost effective solutions, tight budgets and deadlines are essential to keeping your business growing.

Our process empowers our clients to make verifiable, well coordinated, and educated decisions in all areas of their insurance and financial life in order to provide for the maximum wealth accumulation and protection.

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