PPO Plans

HSA Plans

HMO Plans

Platinum PPO 150D/100%

Silver HMO HSA 2000/90%

Platinum HMO 150D/100%

Gold PPO 500D/100%

Silver PPO HSA 2000/90%

Gold HMO 500D/100%

Gold PPO 600D/100%

Silver HMO HSA 2250/100%

Gold HMO 600D/100%

Gold PPO 750D/100%

Silver PPO HSA 2250/100%

Gold HMO 750D/100%

Gold PPO 1000/100%

Silver HMO HSA 2700/100%

Gold HMO 1000/100%

Gold PPO 1000/80%

Silver PPO HSA 2700/100%

Gold HMO 1000/80%

Silver PPO 1500/100%

Bronze HMO HSA 3000/100%

Silver HMO 1500/100%

Silver PPO 2000/100%

Bronze PPO HSA 3000/100%

Silver HMO 2000/100%

Silver PPO 2250/100%

Bronze HMO HSA 4500/100%

Silver HMO 2250/100%

Silver PPO 5000/100%

Bronze PPO HSA 4500/100%

Silver HMO 5000/100%

Bronze HMO HSA 5700/100%

Bronze PPO HSA 5700/100%


These plans are for businesses of 2-50 employees in the state of Pennsylvania. Other plans may be obtained upon request.


*All dollar amounts are the individual deductible amount.


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